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American Soils Engineering, LLC is a certified minority Geotechnical Engineering consulting firm specializing Environmental, Geotechnical Engineering, Construction Materials Testing, and QAA Inspection Service for commercial and residential projects.

Quality control of building construction and foundation design, inspection and testing services is an integral part of our business.


Mission Statment

Our mission is building and maintaining strong business partnerships, by demonstrating a committed passion for the principle of high quality customer service and professional consultation.

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In 2004 American Soils Engineering, LLC was founded by Mr. Babul. After his passing in 2012, his wife Ruba B. took over the company's responsibilities and operations. The continuation of the company and its principals still remain the same. Ruba B is associated with various organizations to maintain the leadership and sustain the quality to stabilize the foundation of this company. The birth of American Soils Engineering which initiated in 2004 and when Ruba B took over in 2012, she reformed the organization of the quality control, engineering department and inspections on the field. Ruba has demonstrated her skills of leadership and marketing tools which added the strength and stabilization of its core. Her marketing skills, organization skills, and experience to hire technical authorities and qualified personnel for field operation has been an excellent add to this company. She has done a wonderful job to bring commercial companies for more revenue.

American Soils is here and will continue for third party inspections, material testing, analysis, grading observations, Geotechnical Reports, Environmental Reports, Laboratory Testing and every aspect for residential and commercial development for now and upcoming years.

Our clients are our priority and foundation of our business, and our experience is the key element for success. Ruba B and her team of experts is here to continue land and structural development as a Third Party QAA Agency with P Verma as our engineering Manager and M. Szymanski as a technical advisor and with a team of qualified experience inspectors and technicians approved by CCBD.

With an in-house Laboratory since 2004, we are accredited by CCRL, IAS, AASHTO, AMRL. American Soils Engineering is accredited and qualified to perform all types of QAA inspection and material testing in Nevada and Arizona which includes the zones of CCBD, COH, CLV, CNLV, Boulder City, Nye County, Pahrump & Arizona.

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